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Jer with his birthday cake... wearing graduation tassels on his ears... Jeremy snaps the flash in his eyes... Jeremy looks hard in a particularly hideous shirt... Jer striking another pose in the ugly shirt... Jeremy seems to be teasing our dog in this picture... Jer appears to be undercover... Jeremy gives us all the thumbs-up... This is pretty much how my brother always acts

I ambushed my mom with the camera in the car... My mom and a peacock... My mom is about to give up on Scorpion... Jeremy has my mom in a headlock... My mom has bird bookends

Dad baking a cake... Dad is going the wrong way... Dad standing next to a plant at the Botanical Gardens... Dad's birthday cake... Dad blowing out the candles

Ken scared his grandma while she was coming out of the bathroom... A gathering in PA, taken by Jeremy.  Starting with me and going clockwise: Me, my mom, Aunt Kathy, my 'ex-aunt' Kathy, real Aunt Kathy's friend Bill and his dingo Murphy, Grandma, and Dad