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The stupid looking rig we use for when there are three of us in the same room playing EQ... My mom made cakes that look like boobies!... Ken displays a Dr. Pepper stain that turned out to look not-so-vaguely humanoid...... We saw this guy in the McArthur center...Ken took his picture and he just started posing for us...... The flash made the yellow grass look really eerie... My parents saw a squirrel eating out of the trash can at Busch Gardens... I think this bridge looks cool.  It's on the VA-MD border.... The lines on my hand look kinda like the Blair Witch symbol... I stole this picture from the Meathead Perspective...I just think it's funny lol... A screen shot of when my mp3 folder held exactly 666mB.  I didn't fix it that way, it just happened.... This picture is from some ninja site...I just colored a mask on with Paint and it looks like Lee... Noe vandalizing Nathan's car... Walt made a retarded comic strip once.  There was only one 'issue'