The Poltergeist Threw my Camera!
Well, for a little bit of background, some weird things happen around my house sometimes. Until this happened, I just dismissed them. My VCR turns on spontaneously, my brother's alarm clock resets randomly, and he said there was one time that his electric shaver was on, despite the batteries being dead and it being unplugged. But when this happened, I seriously considered the possibility that maybe there's a poltergeist or something living in my house. Anyway, continuing with the story!

I was sitting in my room playing Morrowind one night (around 4am probably), and Ken was on my computer looking up guitar tab. He went into the computer room to look at something that Jeremy was doing on Counterstrike. Upon reentrance into my room, the digital camera on my computer fell down, knocked some cans on my desk over, and hit the guitar, which was sitting on the floor. We both sat for a second in stunned silence, trying to figure out how this was physically possible.

This is what my room looked like shortly after the incident. The only difference is, I picked up one of the cans and put it back on the desk (because it still had soda in it, and was spilling on my floor).

HERE is a closeup on the computer.

As the caption says, there's not enough room for the camera to sit on the edge of the computer, because of the candy bar that's sitting at the edge. This means that it had to be further back than the candy bar, obviously. But this suggests a very stable resting place. Ken just walking through the doorway should never have knocked it off the computer.

This shows where the camera (red) was, presumably, and where the cans (blue) went. One of the cans fell backwards and landed behind Ken's amp, on my beanbag chair. The other fell between the desk and the guitar. The angle at which the camera would have had to fall is, in my unscientifically educated opinion, impossible.

So, here is the complete path of the camera.