22 January 2000

Some pics from our concert that I thiefed from the Slipknot web site:
Paul Gray burning the drum kit.
Paul after the act of burning the drum kit.
Sid Wilson going hand over hand across the rafters.

This concert totally rocked. I went with high expectations but nothing like this. The opening bands were Kittie and Will Haven. The former sucked. The latter...well. They sucked more. They really did. About all they accomplished was getting the crowd to start moshing.

Then one of the drummers comes out to 742617000027 and hangs over the smoke, looking so perfectly...EVIL. It was great. The concert rocked. The songs I actually remember hearing...(sic), Wait and Bleed, Surfacing, Spit it Out, Purity, Me Inside, and Scissors. Highlights included...the DJ, I think, going hand-over-hand across the Boathouse rafters and Corey burning a picture of Fred Durst.

There was this sign against one of the walls, a big sign with paint on plywood. It read "NO MOSHING OR CROWDSURFING." About the time Scissors was starting up, someone did some creative vandalism. The sign got ripped down, and the "NO" was painted over. The sign was then passed around the room.

Also worth mentioning were two different guys.

Manson. This guy was, like, a better Manson than Manson. He just stood there behind me and Ken during Will Haven with his arms crossed looking all evil. People stayed away from him. That room was tightly packed, but there was a good 5' radius of emptyness around him. When Slipknot came on, he walked straight over to the mosh pit, picked some guy up by his head, slammed him down, and kicked him in his head. Then the guy rolls over, half-conscious, and Manson starts stomping him.

Ken was standing there and this little black dude put his hands on Ken's shoulders and jumped like 3 or 4' up in the air. That guy was cool.

The injuries that were sustained...I just gotta include this cos it's funny. Ken's was the only one. When they played Surfacing, Corey told us to jump. Ken jumps up and punches a screw (we were standing next to one of the columns). His finger got bloody. I did get pushed almost down by some guys who were dragging an unconscious guy out of the mosh pit. I think Manson got him.