4 February 2000

Staind played at the Riverview. We got there really early, and these stupid guys kept yelling "Tree!!" That was the first thing that gave me a really bad feeling that the concert would suck. Second, there was this big, stupid looking banner that said "TREE". That was the second clue.

I was wrong. The concert rocked. Tree was okay, and Simon Says was better than Staind. I had the idea that they would be, cos I like them better as a band anyway. But they were. Cool events during the opening show included the singer from Tree burning a dollar and getting his hand scorched up in the process. Also the guy from Simon Says crowdsurfed from the stage all the way to the back of the room. They gave a backstage pass to this girl that flashed them for like an entire song.

Staind played just about every damn song on their album. They covered Tool's Sober (yea!!) and Sevendust's Fall too, and they closed with Mudshovel. Damn good choice, too. When Slipknot closed with Scissors I was disappointed, but this was a damn good closing song.

Misc stuff. Allen accidentally met up with us at the concert, with his, I don't know, girlfriend I guess. They sure didn't act like they were dating. Allen just stood against the wall and watched our jackets for us. Noe took Allen's girlfriend up to the stage with him to meet the guy from Staind. He talked to her longer than Allen did. On that note, I moshed more than Allen. Even if it was accidental.

"Intersting" occurrences: when Staind first came out, Ken was the only thing between me and the mosh pit. This guy went sideways into Ken's legs, nearly clipped him and dented the cap in his pocket. It probably took a lot to dent it that way too. Ken got knocked back into me, which also sucked. During like the second song Staind played, Ken got caught in the mosh pit and this dude tapped me on my shoulder from behind. Since Noe was moshing all night and I was holding his glasses for him, I figured it was him ready to get his glasses back. So I turned around. This dickhead I didn't even know stuck me in my throat and ran off while I was sitting there choking. That was about it for me. Noe got a nosebleed in the mosh pit during Tree. I think they were the only injuries. The cap was the main thing.

The only cool guy at that concert was the skater guy. He was having fun the entire time, whether there was music on or not. We figured if we'd asked for his alcohol bracelet he probably would have given it to us. He caught me a couple times when I got pushed backwards and the one time I actually did fall he helped me up while those two bitches behind me complained that I touched them. He kept pushing Lee into the mosh pit. I don't think he liked Lee.